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Nourishment assumes a huge part in how rapidly your hair will develop just as how solid and solid your hair and skin will be. The benefits of good nutrition and good quality vitamins and minerals are almost limitless. By eating a balanced diet with good nutrition, you will strengthen your immunity. Your blood, heart, and bones will benefit and be strengthened. The quality of food and vitamins also play a role. Let me elaborate.- Foods closest to their original form, like uncooked baby carrots, raw tomato, whole-leaf uncooked spinach, a whole unpeeled apple is better for you than a cooked or processed form.

iRestore Hair Growth System - Hair Gummy Vitamins

Organic Hair Nutrition

Organic is healthier than mass-produced vegetables treated with pesticides, etc. Think about it, plants are living things, they absorb what chemicals they are treated or sprayed with, so washing can only do so much. With that in mind we should eat an organic diet rich in clean, whole foods- such as raw or steamed vegetables 5 servings daily(broccoli, carrots, sweet potato-plain, asparagus, spinach, and squashes); Eat raw fruits 2-3 times a day, low-fat high protein meats 2 a day such as (grilled or baked hormone-free chicken, tuna, salmon or 6 oz fillet, egg whites or whey protein) also, twice a week add dry beans and/or lentils plus, sugar-free jello to aid in nail growth. This simple low-calorie nutrient-rich diet is a great beginning to healthy living.

Hair Vitamins

Also, when you do cook your food, iron skillet, iron pans and stock pots are a great way to add iron to your diet also avoid Aluminum cookware. There are links to many health problems and a build-up of aluminum in your body. You should take vitamins daily. Menstruating women need a balanced Multi-vitamin with iron, not a coated hard to digest vitamin. But buy a good quality gel capsule or non-coated vitamin.

A gummy vitamin even is a better choice than a coated vitamin. Arbonne has excellent vitamins and we are an all-natural-based company. You should add these to your multi, A calcium with D, Magnesium, biotin, cinnamon, L-Carnitine, and vitamin-C. For women in or post-menopause we should take A multi, Biotin (important for hair and hair growth, nails, and skin), Vitamin-C, Calcium with vitamin-D and magnesium, Vitamins-A and E, L-Carnitine, DHEA, black cohosh add cinnamon, and fish oil.

Drink 70 to 80 oz of water, daily, in addition, to drink Teas (black, oolong, green) daily. If you have trouble sleeping add Melatonin. If you have hot flashes add Phyto-Estrogen cream, or ask your Dr. about Hormone testing and balancing. This simple act alone will help you feel great! Adding these simple nutrition tips and vitamins to your routine will help you look and feel wonderful.

Exfoliate skin with a scrub or skin brush for cell turn over and increase circulation.

Massage your scalp prior to washing. Place fingers on either side of your head and rotate fingers in small circular movements, covering your entire scalp area. Increased circulation means healthier hair and skin.

Exercise for Healthy Hair

Last but not least, exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Try turning on your radio, dance break a sweat, and have fun. Go outside and play! Take your dogs outside and run with them, play fetch with them and enjoy playing like a kid. Take a hike, Try yoga, Zumba, or belly dancing! This not only boosts metabolism but increases endorphins and a happy mood. If that wasn’t already enough it will expand your digestion produces/speeds hair development, help course, improves rest, and diminishes hunger. These things are simple and moderate to join into your day-by-day life, in addition to they are enjoyable!

Here’s to you, good health, and your decision to create an active, healthy and younger lifestyle, you will see the benefits!


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